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Work Injuries

Many of our patients come to us to rehabilitate after injuries, especially work injuries.  After any such trauma,  your  injuries and ailments are unique. We specialize in diagnosing your needs and treating soft tissue injuries. If you were in a work accident, or suffer pain for your work tasks, you should see a work injury chiropractor immediately.

Common work injuries that we treat regularity include carpal tunnel,back injuries,knee,hip and joint injuries,and rotator cuff injuries,and a variety of injuries unique to laborers and construction workers.  Due to the physical nature of their jobs and the weight of the uniforms and utility belts, many Police Officers, Firefighters and Construction Workers suffer from back and neck sprains and sciatica.

The goal with all work-related injuries treated at Lifestyle Resumption is efficient and effective treatments that alleviate pain and restore the patient to comfortable and pain-free functioning. Even if you are experiencing pain from sitting at a desk and repeating the same movements at work,or back injury from lifting or other motions, Lifestyle Resumption can help.

Dr. Klaude Kocan may incorporate one or more techniques that are specific to job-related injuries.   He can advise you about other services offered by Lifestyle Resumption Chiropractic Center, as part of a total therapy.

Reformer Pilates Classes

We offer Reformer Pilates Classes at our Lifestyle Resumption Pilates studio!  Schedule your Pilates Class Online.

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