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Pregnancy and Neonatal

Dr. Klaude Kocan offers chiropractic care for the expecting mother.

With chiropractic care on the spine and the muscles and ligaments that support the uterus, they are able to create more room for the fetus or infant to move within the uterus. They understand how allowing proper alignment with the cervix can better  facilitate the process of labor, to occur in accordance with it’s natural timing.

Often the baby is unable to get into proper position as it prepares for delivery.  This may cause a disruption in the natural timing and turning of the baby, cause stress to the baby’s neck and spine, as well as causing undo discomfort to the mother.

Expectant mothers should also explore the benefits of specialized Message Therapy. Lifestyle Resumption offers Prenatal massage that can help ease the discomforts that come with being pregnant. This gentle massage can help ease the soreness and stiffness of tight muscles.  Long gliding strokes help the circulation of the blood and lymph flow to deliver nutrients throughout the body, reducing the cramping of the muscles, which can be painful.  Message Therapy helps reduce the stress on the weight-bearing joints such as the ankles, back, and pelvis.  A pregnancy massage is relaxing and soothing.

Chiropractors Dr. Klaude Kocan may incorporate one or more techniques that are specific to neonatal care and pregnancy.   He can advise you about other services offered by Lifestyle Resumption Chiropractic Center, as part of a total therapy.

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